Sentence Completion

Sentence Completion is a sub-section of the Verbal Battery, which tests your child’s vocabulary, as well as his/her comprehension of ideas, efficiency, and verbal memory, and ability to discover word relationships.

In the Sentence Completion sub-section, students are asked to choose the word that best completes the sentence. This sub-section starts at the Grade 3 Level.

Grade 3 Level

1. The icy sidewalk was_____and I almost fell while walking to school.

a) flat

b) glossy

c) shiny

d) slippery

e) smooth


2. My dad received a_____card on his birthday.

a) angry

b) disappointing

c) humorous

d) sympathy

e) tasty


3. John and his friends crossed a _____when they drove over a lake.

a) bridge

b) cave

c) hill

d) mountain

e) road


4. Katie could not _____the expensive dress she wanted for the dance party.

a) afford

b) earn

c) manage

d) take

e) want


5. The tulips were in full _____for the spring flower show.

a) bloom

b) blow

c) bush

d) size

e) wither


6. The sky looked _____because a storm was quickly approaching.

a) beautiful

b) bright

c) gloomy

d) happy

e) sunny


7. Karen had to _____cake pops for the end-of-school year party.

a) bake

b) deny

c) dump

d) measure

e) reject


8. The electrician had to_____the wires to make the lights work.

a) connect

b) cut

c) glow

d) grow

e) rip


9. The Canadian soldiers had to report for _____to protect our country.

a) club

b) dancing

c) duty

d) homework

e) party


10. Sara could not get into her house because the key did not fit into the_____.

a) door

b) garage

c) lock

d) pot

e) window


11. The farm animals were_____because Tom had forgotten to feed them in over a week.

a) cheerful

b) happy

c) laughing

d) playing

e) starving


12. Mr.Trupe told the class to _____when the principal arrived.

a) behave

b) joke

c) jump

d) laugh

e) sleep


13. Henry’s mother needed to_____Henry’s shirt because it has a hole in it.

a) mend

b) poke

c) rip

d) stick

e) take


14. Uncle Jon puts_____on the traps to catch the mice.

a) cream

b) flowers

c) lotion

d) poison

e) toys


15. If we want to protect planet Earth, we should not _____the water.

a) clean

b) drink

c) dump

d) pollute

e) use


16. Janice’s family stayed in a_____when they were on vacation.

a) church

b) hotel

c) movie theater

d) party room

e) restaurant


17. Alvina_____the idea of whether aliens really exist.

a) changed

b) chose

c) mixed

d) painted

e) pondered


18. The birds _____twigs and leaves to create a nest for the babies.

a) ate

b) collected

c) flew

d) sank

e) threw


19. The lifeguard _____a rope to the swimmer’s life jacket to pull him to safety.

a) attached

b) chopped

c) pulled

d) pushed

e) threw


20. Dr. Strange has a _____schedule next week.

a) bully

b) busy

c) freely

d) lonely

e) scary

Grade 4 Level

1. Tommy wants to buy the latest phone, but it is very _____.

a) exceptional

b) expensive

c) fit

d) tiring

e) wonderful


2. The students in Mrs. Fiona’s class were very _____to go on a field trip.

a) curious

b) excited

c) never

d) study

e) unfortunate


3. After Rebecca’s eye surgery, she made a _____recovery.

a) busy

b) feeling

c) rapid

d) timely

e) tiring


4. During the trial, the judge called the _____to the stand.

a) children

b) dinner

c) students

d) teachers

e) witness


5. The _____for not studying for a test is a failing grade.

a) assignment

b) award

c) consequence

d) reward

e) teachers


6. After a successful landing, the _____clapped for a long time.

a) audiences

b) merchants

c) passengers

d) students

e) teachers


7. _____Peter loves music, he doesn’t like the drums.

a) Altogether

b) Although

c) But

d) Even

e) However


8. Watching the sun set on the _____was beautiful.

a) diagonal

b) edge

c) horizon

d) space

e) vertical


9. According to the _____, Dr. Mary is not free until next Friday.

a) clock

b) hour

c) magnet

d) schedule

e) watch


10. In Science class, students put the same weight on each side of the scale to _____it.

a) balance

b) eat

c) feed

d) knock

e) weigh


11. At the dinner party, the band was playing _____music in the background.

a) annoying

b) harmful

c) loud

d) pleasant

e) tasty


12. Mrs. Jones asked for a written _____when I was absent from school.

a) dance

b) music

c) note

d) poem

e) receipt


13. Octopus has eight_____.

a) eyes

b) feet

c) fingers

d) mouth

e) tentacles


14. Carolina purchased a silk rug with _____around the edges.

a) fries

b) fringe

c) ice

d) paint

e) wrinkles


15. During a thunder storm, we saw a _____of lightning in the sky.

a) light

b) piece

c) rain

d) streak

e) thunder


16. During an election, people _____for individuals to represent them in the government.

a) choose

b) command

c) pick

d) speak

e) vote


17. She loves singing, but she did not make it into the second_____.

a) audition

b) class

c) stage

d) state

e) statement


18. The child’s smile turned into a sad _____when he dropped his candy.

a) eyes

b) feeling

c) frown

d) mouth

e) symbol


19. Jenny’s grandma was _____that she could not get out of bed.

a) feeble

b) healthy

c) lovely

d) running

e) strong


20. The scientific experiment clearly _____how water turns into gas at high temperatures.

a) canceled

b) demonstrated

c) drew

d) failed

e) passed

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