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Top brain training puzzles and games handpicked by our team of experts in the gifted education field. These games are aimed to improve your child’s cognitive and emotional intelligence while keeping them engaged and inspired.


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At Gifted Education, we believe every child is gifted. Our team is dedicated to bring out your child’s fullest potential with our engaging puzzles, arts and logic games, and gifted test prep programs in brain training, mathematics, and language development.

Discover our full range of uniquely handpicked brain training games.

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Gifted Education Brain Training Program

Getting into the Ontario gifted and talented program is not easy. Only the top 2% of all students in Ontario are eligible for enrolment each year. Our early childhood brain training program is designed for children from JK to Grade.4. With our gifted training program, you child will learn to think in the way a gifted child thinks, analyze problems in a logical way, and problem solve with creativity. 

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Brain Training Products

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