20 Wooden Art Shadow Matching Coloring Tracing Puzzles

The Montessori and Waldorf inspired art insets puzzles help prepare toddlers, preschools, and young children for drawing, writing, and tracing exercises. Young toddlers could use this set for coloring and shadow matching activities whereas older preschoolers and children could use this as tracing insets/templates to practice their fine motor skills, drawing skills, hand-eye coordination, and pencil control. This set of beautifully crafted wooden art insets include 20 drawings with matching wooden inset frames. Younger children could use this tool as a shadow matching toy puzzle whereas older toddlers/preschoolers could practicing tracing using the insets and coloring. New vocabularies and art concepts can be taught using this teaching tool. This self-correcting toy is a great addition to your home, homeschool, classroom, playroom, nursery decor, or your Montessori shelf!



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Product Details

*We have more than 100 art designs in categories like animals, ocean creatures, family, fruits and vegetables, and transportations. 20 will be randomly selected per order. Each puzzle is 8cm x 8cm.

What’s included:
20 natural/plain wooden art tracing insets - random selection
Storage Bag

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