4 Cubes Animals Wooden Block Puzzles w/ Tray

This high quality 6-sided wooden cube puzzle is a great brain development toy for toddlers and young children. Suitable for young children age 1 to 3, he blocks are made of natural wood and water based non-toxic paint. Your child will have to use their spatial senses to rearrange both the cubes and rotate the cubes to put the puzzle together. This game is extremely compact and it’s great entertainment when you’re going out for a meal, traveling or just need some entertainment at home. This wooden block cube puzzle is uniquely designed with 6 cute animals. These wooden blocks are good for teaching children animals, counting, and can be used for stacking and balancing.


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What's included: 4 piece wooden cube block puzzle set, Wooden Base Tray, *Each cube block measures 5cm x 5cm x 5cm
Each wooden block is made of high quality natural wood with buffed corners that is safe of kids to use. Each block is coated with colorful, non-toxic paint that won't fade easily.
Beneficial to All Ages: Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf's love of nature and order, this 4-block wooden puzzle with 6 cute animals is a perfect toy to spark creativity, improve dexterity, and enhance independent play through self correcting and problem solving. This game is a great brain teaser for your little ones and it will entertain them for hours.
Animals include: lion, sheep, giraffe, elephant, hippo, and cow

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