11Pc Montessori Waldorf Sensory Bin Tools – Wooden Sensorial Loose Part Pretend Play – Preschool Toddler Children Gift- Homeschool Classroom


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This ultimate set of Montessori and Waldorf wooden sensory tools has everything you need for your child's sensorial play bin and practical life activities – 1 child-size wooden hammer, 1 wooden ladle for filtering work, 2 wooden scoops (1 flat, 1 shovel), 2 wooden spoons (1 big, 1 small), 1 wooden tongs, 1 honey stir stick, 1 magnifying glass, 1 wooden bowl, 1 wooden cup. Use this set of children wooden tools to develop toddlers, preschoolers, and young children's fine motor skills and encourage creative pretend play. Perfect use with rice bins or sensory bins and loose part plays. This sensorial tool set is a great addition to your home, homeschool, classroom, playroom, or Montessori Waldorf shelf!

What’s included:
Set of 11 sensorial tools:
– 1 wooden hammer:
– 1 wooden ladle
– 1 flat scoop
– 1 shovel scoop
– 1 big wooden spoon (short-handle)
– 1 small wooden spoon (long-handle)
– 1 wooden tongs
– 1 child-size honey stir stick
– 1 child-size magnifying glass
– 1 wooden bowl
– 1 wooden cup

**Montessori Tray and loose parts NOT included. If you are interested in purchasing our wooden Montessori Trays, please see here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/890626391/educational-wooden-trays-large-handles

Great birthday, Christmas, and holiday gift for children!

Each piece is made with high quality natural wood with rounded corners and coated with non-toxic water based varnish.

The water content of our wooden toys is controlled at 14%. This level of water content is more skin-friendly and feels more original to the touch. Most of the wooden toys on the market have moisture content below 12%, and wooden products below this level of moisture content are easy to crack.

To minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint, we strive to use as little packaging as possible for all our products.

*wooden tray not included, if you need trays, please visit our trays listing at https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/890626391/educational-wooden-trays-large-handles

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Weight420 kg
Dimensions210 × 120 × 110 cm


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