Double Sided Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game Alphabets Numbers

This uniquely designed double-sided 2-in-1 wooden fishing game provides toddlers, preschoolers, and young children with experiences of 2 different ways of fishing and endless fun – using the fishing rods or the magnetic fish finder. 2 options to choose from: Numbers or Alphabets. For younger toddlers, start with the good old fishing rods to practice hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and attention span. For older children who are ready for a challenge, flip the board over, put the fish / sea creatures inside the board, and find them using the magnetic fish finder! This is a great learning toy for toddlers and preschoolers, and is a great addition to your playroom, homeschool classroom, and Montessori and Waldorf shelf! This wooden fishing game comes with 2 fishing rods for a fishing race between siblings and friends!


Product Details

Not only the board is double-sided, each fish / sea creature is double-sided as well.
What's included: 1 wooden double sided fishing board, 2 wooden magnetic fishing rods, 1 wooden magnetic fish finder, 26 double-sided fish (color and alphabet) / 14 double-sided sea creatures (sea animal and number)
Made of high quality wood and non-toxic water-based paint. This set of wooden Montessori toy is built to be durable and long-lasting. Smooth edges and corners.
Fishing board: diameter = 22cm, thickness = 2.2cm, Fish (Alphabet set): 4.3cm x 2.5cm, Sea creatures (Number set): ~ 5cm x 3cm, Magnetic fish catcher: 6.5cm x 3cm
On the alphabets set, one side is painted with attractive colors for color sorting and matching. On the other side, each fish is labeled with an alphabet for children to learn and recognize letters.
On the numbers set, pieces are consisted of various sea creatures like fish, shark, turtle, etc. on one side, and numbers on the other side for children to learn their numbers, count, and perform simple addition and subtraction.

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