Monteossri Knobbed cylinders Set of 4

The Montessori Knobbed Cylinders set is an original Montessori learning tool for toddlers and preschoolers as an hands-on sensorial introduction to size and mathematics while learning about dimensions and developing verbal and fine motor skills. Our set of four blocks, each with a series of cylinder insets which vary in size, help to develop the child’s visual discrimination of size as cylinder sets vary in height and/or diameter. In addition, the knobbed cylinders indirectly prepare children for writing, through the physical handling of the cylinders by their knobs. These fingers are also used in the manipulation of many simple tools such as a spoon, scissors etc.


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Like all Montessori materials, the knobbed cylinders are self-correcting. When a piece does not fit, or is left over, the child will know he or she is not yet finished. Children are able to determine that a problem exists and take steps to address the problem without any intervention from a teacher. This produces a deep sense of accomplishment!
The hand is being trained for manipulation skills in a methodical way. Not only do young toddlers and preschoolers learn about size and dimension through the knobbed cylinders, but they gain vocabulary related to these topics, practice left to right progression and learn beginning problem solving skills. This knowledge enables them to observe and interact with their environment with greater awareness and insight.
What's included: 4 sets of knobbed cylinders - 5 cylinders/compartments each, Set 1: Decreasing diameters and depths, Set 2: Increasing diameters and decreasing depths, Set 3: Same diameter, decreasing depths, Set 4: Same depth, decreasing diameters
QUALITY: Each piece is made with high quality basswood with rounded corners and coated with non-toxic water based paint.
This sensorial and mathematics learning toy is a great addition to your home, homeschool, classroom, playroom, nursery decor, or your Montessori shelf!

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