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Montessori multiplication bead board and Montessori division bead board are common mathematics learning tools found in a Montessori classroom or homeschool setting. These two math boards help children understand the basis of multiplication and division. This is a great wooden math tool for your classroom, homeschool, or montessori shelf.

2 Options to choose from:

Multiplication Bead Board: Wooden multiplication board with 100 red beads, 10 label cards (1-10), and a red disc in a wooden storage box. Children can practice multiplication tables of 1x1 through 10x10 with this board.

Division Bead Board: Wooden division board with 81 green beads and 9 green skittles in wooden storage box. Children can practice the tables of division with the dividends 1-81 and divisors 1-9 with this board.

*Buy both sets at a discounted price!

Typically, multiplication and division are presented after a child has a strong grasp of addition and subtraction as well as work with the Montessori golden beads.

Montessori Multiplication Board:
Montessori Division Bead Board:

Weight1230 kg
Dimensions260 × 260 × 120 cm

Multiplication Board, Division Board, Both Boards

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