Montessori Object Permanence Imbucare Box

This wooden Montessori object Permanence Box provides infants and toddlers with experiences of object permanence (Understanding that an object exists even if we don’t see it). It is often found in an infant/toddler Montessori classroom or Montessori homeschool setting. As the shape blocks “disappears” into the box, children will learn that they are still there by pulling out the wooden drawer. This is a great learning toy for infants and toddlers.



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This Permanence Box is designed with 7 progressive inter-changeable shape sorting plates and truly grows with your child. Babies and younger toddlers would enjoy the self-correcting single-shaped sorter (triangle, rectangle, square, circle), while older toddlers would take pride in being able to complete more difficult combinations from 2 shapes to 4 shapes. Children could learn their 2D and 3D shapes and practice block stacking as they are working on this Montessori wooden toy. The shape sorting plates could also be used as wooden shape tracing inlets/templates when your child is ready to practice his/her pencil holding and writing/drawing skills.

This Montessori toy also develops patience, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. It practices precise hand movements while sending information to the brain as well as develops hand, wrist and finger control - also known as "refined hand movements". With repeated use, the child learns how it feels to succeed when he or she has achieved a goal on his or her own.

What's included:

  • 1 wooden object Permanence Box with pull out drawer
  • 7 wooden inter-changeable shape sorting plates
  • 4 natural wooden shape blocks (cylinder, triangular prism, cube, rectangular prism)

Made of high quality plywood and Zelkova - a genus of six species of deciduous trees in the elm family Ulmaceae. This set of wooden Montessori toy is built to be durable and long-lasting. Smooth edges and corners.

Size of prominence box: 14cm x 14.3cm x 10.2cm
Size of shape shorting plates: 12.6cm x 12.6cm
Size of shapes: Varies from 3.1cm to 4cm

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