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The Montessori Hundred Board is a material that will help the child develop their mathematical abilities – counting and learning their numbers from 1 to 100. Our carefully crafted set of hundred board is composed of 1 wooden frame hundred board with blue background, 100 wooden number tiles, wooden storage box, and a white control chart. This hundred board set is a great toddler, preschool, and kindergarten learning tool to enhance your child's attention to details, counting, numbers recognition, logical thinking, and ability to focus. This counting learning toy is a great addition to your home, homeschool, classroom, playroom, nursery decor, or your Montessori shelf!

The hundred boards represents the introduction to more concrete and abstract areas such as skip counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, and number patterns. so it gives the child the opportunity to understand how numerals work. With the control chart, this Montessori tool is self-correcting and allows children to work and explore math and counting independently. Children are able to determine that a problem exists and take steps to address the problem without any intervention from a teacher. This produces a deep sense of accomplishment!

What’s included:
– 1 hundred board with wooden frame and blue grids
– 100 wooden number tiles
– 1 storage box for the number tiles
– 1 white control chart (1-100)


Each piece is made with high quality imported wooden material from Europe – smoothed and rounded corners and coated with non-toxic water based paint.

The water content of our wooden toys is controlled at 14%, usually more than 15%. This level of water content is more skin-friendly and feels more original to the touch. Most of the wooden toys on the market have moisture content below 12%, and wooden products below this level of moisture content are easy to crack.

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Dimensions320 × 290 × 50 cm


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