Twist Turn Wooden Shapes Stacking Sorting Game – Lady Bug

This highly engaging twist and turn wooden geometric shapes stacking game is a great toy to enhance your child’s fine motor skills, ability to focus, and hand-eye coordination. This geometric stacker toy is a non-standard version of a stacker, sorter and geometric puzzle all in one toy. On the wooden ladybug base there are 4 poles, each with a different number of pegs corresponding to the number of peg holes on the geometric shape pieces. The triangles have 1 peg hole, the stars and squares have 2 peg holes, and the circles have 3 peg holes. You child is challenged to match and sort the wooden shape blocks, and twist and turn them on the pole with the corresponding number of pegs to them onto the ladybug base. The shapes are sized just right for toddlers and young children.


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Product Details

What's included: Wooden ladybug base, 20 wooden geometric shapes (triangles, stars, squares, circles - 5 of each)

Wooden geometric sorting base and colored blocks are made of high quality wooden material with rounded corners and coated with non-toxic paint.
Wood stacker size: 18cm x 15.8cm x 11.5cm

Inspiring classic wooden stacking toy with a twist to develop hand eye coordination and cognitive abilities, enhances ability to focus, and improve dexterity. Twisting and turning also improves their fine motor skills. Can be used at home and in the classroom. Perfect gift for any occasions!

*This toy is intended for toddlers 1.5 years and up. Parental supervision is advised.

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