Wooden 2-in-1 Rainbow Tumbling Tower Balance Stacker Board Game

This 2-in-1 wooden rainbow tumbling tower balance stacker + counting board game set is a great brain development toy for toddlers, preschoolers, and young children to develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, logical and problem solving skills, and spatial senses. There are many ways to play with this open-end toy – 1. Stacking and Balancing a 7 level high tower, 2. Play a game of color-dice tumbling tower block game and see how many pieces can you pull out before the tower collapse!, 3. Color matching and sorting. Comes with 48 cylindrical pieces in 6 beautifully painted rainbow colors. 4. Comes with a cloth board game mat for a fun family game that develops counting and number skills. This is a great educational toy for your playroom, classroom, homeschool, and montessori shelf.


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Product Details

What’s included:
48 cylindrical blocks (6 colors)
8 wooden discs
1 wooden color dice (large size - kid friendly)
1 wooden number dice (large size - kid friendly)

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