Wooden Cat Positional Matching Game

This set of  highly engaging wooden cat block stacking game is a great toy for toddler and preschool children to learn their position words and the concept of relativity. Where should the wooden cat go? Above the red bridge or inside the blue box? Should the star face be at the front or on the left? Are the blocks stacked and balanced on top of one another or laid out side by side? With this uniquely designed wooden toy, your child will learn common positional words In, out, on top, under, over, beside, next to, inside, outside, beneath, left, right, etc. Children will also learn that when objects are place together, their position configuration is always relative to one another. With 60 level cards available, your child could work progressively from beginner to advanced formation and will always be challenged.


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Product Details

What's included:
- 1 wooden cat
- 4 positional wooden blocks: 1 blue, 2 red, 1 yellow
- 30 game cards (double sided) - 60 levels
- Wooden game card holder

Wooden cat, blocks, and game card holder are made of high quality wooden material with rounded corners and coated with non-toxic paint for durability.
Wooden cat measures 10cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm
Wooden blocks ranges from 9.5cm to 7.5cm on the longest side

Recommended age: 2-6

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