Wooden Tree & Cactus Loose Parts Open Play

Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf’s emphasis on nature and order, our wooden forest open-ended stacking and balancing trees and cactus are great for encouraging imagination and creative play and at the same time, develop toddler’s and preschoolers’ fine motor skills, sense of balance, hand-eye coordination, and ability to focus.




Product Details

Two sets are available, can be purchased together for more elaborate play.

Set 1: 4 Stacking Trees
Let your child's imagination run wild with these cute wooden stacking and balancing trees made of different heights, diameters, shapes, and color gradients! The end product is always different, so you will have a brand new forest every time you put the trees together.

  • 4 wooden tree trunks (varying height and diameters), 11 wooden green pieces for stacking (varying shapes and gradients) - pieces range from 1-3cm in diameter

Set 2: Balancing Cactus
Young children can develop finger strength and sense of balancing by putting together the interlocking discs on this balancing cactus. There are endless ways on how the final product would look, all based on your child's imagination.

  • 1 wooden base, 23 interlocking discs wooden chips (in red, natural, and various shades of green) - Wooden discs diameter = 3cm

QUALITY: Each wooden block is made of high quality wood with buffed corners that is safe of kids to use. Each piece is coated with colorful, non-toxic paint that won't fade easily.

Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 6 cm

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