Gifted Education in Ontario


Each year, system-wide screening for the identification of Gifted students in Ontario takes place in late November to early December. Each student will be given one opportunity to write the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test (CCAT). Students who score the top 2% will proceed to one-on-one testing using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V).

The Gifted Program screening involves a multi-stage process:

ontario gifted education

*Depending on the school board you are in, your child might take the Ontario gifted screening test in grade 3 or grade 4.

Gifted Brain Training


Both the CCAT and WISC-V are intelligence (IQ) tests. They are not like spelling or math tests where if you know the words or the facts you can get 100%. Students are tested on abstract thinking abilities like problem-solving, classifying, categorizing, recognizing patterns and sequences, reasoning with figures and mathematics, and more.

The cognitive abilities tested on these Gifted Screening Tests are not specifically taught in school nor could be developed by doing regular worksheets. Our brain-training programs are scientifically designed to train your child’s brain for each of the specific areas that will be tested on the IQ tests.

Our brain training program does not only prepare your child for the Gifted program, but for other prestigious education opportunities down the road, including International Baccalaureate (IB), TOPS Program, Advanced Placement (AP), and many more.






How we can help?


Your child’s performance on the gifted screening tests may greatly impact their entire education future. It is too important to leave to chance. Our Gifted Education Prep Program is structured in the same way as the Ontario Gifted Screening process. With hundreds of questions based on the actual tests (CCAT and WISC-V), your child will get smarter, be more prepared and familiar with the test format, and be more confident when it comes to the actual testing.

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