5 Layer Boy/Girl Human Body Parts Wood Puzzles

Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf, this set of 5-Layer, 28 pieces carefully crafted, beautifully designed, and highly engaging wooden human body anatomy puzzle is a great toy to learn about the human body from the skeletal level to the clothing level. This human body wooden puzzle will enhance your child’s fine motor skills, ability to focus, language skills, and hand-eye coordination. Learn about the amazing human body by figuring out which layer goes first, second, third, and so on.


Product Details

This puzzle covers 5 principal concepts of the human body: Skeletal System, Organs, Muscular System, Skin and Body Parts, Clothing and Accessories
What's included: 28 pieces wooden puzzles, base plate with reference layer images
2 Options to choose from: Boy, Girl
QUALITY: Each puzzle piece is made of high quality, thick wooden material with sanded corners and coated with non-toxic paint.
BENEFICIAL FOR ALL AGES: Spark creativity, enhances ability to focus, and improve dexterity. A great educational activity for both the classroom and home

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