Montessori Rainbow Stacker Sets

Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf’s emphasis on nature, beauty, and order, our rainbow stacker sets are open-ended, simple, and designed to promote learning through imaginative, fantasy play. This classic wooden rainbow stacker is a building toy, a balancing toy, a sorting toy, and a stacking toy for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Toddlers will stack and line the house up, gradually using the house alongside other building blocks and sets. As your child gets older, they will use the set as tunnels for vehicles, create tall towers, homes for fairies, and fences for farmyard animals. What would your child build with these beautiful wooden rainbow sets? These wooden rainbow stacker toys are great for your home, homeschool, classroom, Montessori shelf, or playroom nursery decor.


Product Details

Balancing and stacking are the foundation of early math, engineering, and language skills. Colored pieces can be used for counting, color sorting, and imaginative pretend play.

Sets are sold separately.

3?? Sets Available:

???? Rainbow Village Set: Rainbow house (5 stacking pieces), 2 wooden trees, 2 wooden cars, 2 small peg dolls, 2 big peg dolls, 3 accessories
???? Wooden Rainbow Stacker Set: Rainbow stacker (6 stacking pieces), 6 peg dolls
?????????? Rainbow Rectangle Block Set: 7-pieces rectangular rainbow stacker

Wooden Rainbow Stackers Christmas Village House Wooden Wooden Rainbow Stackers Christmas Village House Wooden

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