Montessori Color Sorting Rainbow Cups with Peg Dolls

This set of 7 rainbow colors, carefully crafted, and highly engaging peg dolls in cups is a great baby and toddler toy to enhance your child’s fine motor skills, ability to focus, and hand-eye coordination. This is a classic Montessori and Waldorf wooden learning toy for color matching, sorting, and stacking. Balancing and stacking are the foundation of early math, engineering, and language skills. Your child will have fun learning their colors and at the same time working on their find motor skills in stacking and nesting. This toddler toy is a great addition to your home, homeschool, classroom, playroom, nursery decor, or your Montessori shelf!


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Product Details

What’s included: 7 rainbow color painted cups/pots, 7 matching color peg dolls, wooden base plate

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