2-in-1 Wooden Memory Game Color Sorting Balls Patterns

This 2-in-1 wooden game set contains 2 popular games for toddlers, preschoolers, and young children to develop their fine motor skills, attention to details, color sorting and recognition skills, and memory capabilities. This toy is a great addition to you home, homeschool, classroom, or Montessori shelf. Game 1: Wooden Color Peg Memory Game – Roll the color dice and see if you could remember where the color peg pieces are. Game 2: Ball sorting and patterning with wooden tongs and chopsticks


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Product Details

What's includes: 1 Wooden Game Board, 1 Wooden Storage Tray, 24 Wooden Memory Game Chess Color Pegs (6 colors), 24 Wooden Balls (8 colors), Wooden chopsticks, Wooden tong

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