Montessori Wooden Trays

High quality set of wooden trays: Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf’s emphasis on nature and order, this set of carefully crafted, beautifully designed wooden trays is perfect for organizing toys and learning material in your playroom, homeschool classroom, Montessori classroom, preschool classroom, nursery decor, etc. Use them for displaying your favorite Montessori/Waldorf learning work, presenting practical life activities, sorting educational objects, sensory play, and many more.


Product Details

Large handle design for babies, toddlers, and kids use.
SIZE: Small - 25cm x 20cm x 3cm, Medium - 32cm x 25.5cm x 3cm, Large - 40cm x 30cm x 3cm
Trays sold individually or as a set at a discounted price!

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